Diamond v. Vlahovic
(E.D. Pa. 2006)

Plaintiff, a professional negotiator for hire, sued BLF's client for breach of a poorly drafted contract to negotiate on the client's behalf.

The client was in the business of purchasing chicken legs and wings from a major chicken producer in the U.S., transporting them to Russia, where dark meat was prized, and selling them at a profit. Defendant suffered reverses when the Russian economy tanked in the late 1990s, and sought to negotiate down his debt to the producer. When the chicken supplier eventually refused to negotiate any longer through the plaintiff, BLF’s client fired him, took over the negotiations himself, and eventually reached an accord. Plaintiff claimed that he was entitled to payment under the contract despite being unsuccessful in obtaining relief.

The case settled at the pretrial mediation stage. Diamond v. Vlahovic, No. 05-CV-2857 (E.D. Pa. 2006).

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