Merger of Harleysville Mutual/Nationwide Mutual
(Phila. Cty. Common Pleas 2012)

BLF attorneys Richard L. Bazelon and Michael F. R. Harris represented an independent Special Litigation Committee ("SLC") of the Board of Directors of Harleysville Mutual.

The SLC was charged by the company with deciding how the company should respond to derivative lawsuits filed against the company and its Board members alleging that a proposed merger between Harleysville Mutual and Nationwide Mutual was unfair to the company's policyholders.

After conducting an extensive factual investigation, and obtaining expert financial advice, the SLC (with BLF's assistance) issued a lengthy written report finding that the company's directors had fulfilled their fiduciary duties and recommending the dismissal of the derivative claims. SLC followed up by filing a motion to dismiss the derivative claims, and BLF represented the SLC in evidentiary hearings before the Court.

The parties settled the matter following the filing of the SLC's report and motion.

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