Commercial Litigation

The primary business of BLF is commercial litigation.

Commercial litigation generally includes any and all disputes that arise in the world of business, including business-to-business disputes, and disputes between businesses and individuals.

These disputes may fall into one or more of the broad categories which are listed on this page. However, businesses and business disputes more often than not will not fit neatly into a single category or practice area. Indeed, we regularly represent clients whose legal issues involve multiple areas of statutory, regulatory, or common law.

For example, we have assisted clients in litigating disputes arising in such diverse businesses as clam harvesting, coffee roasting, technology equipment leasing, and the development of transdermal patches for administering drugs. This is in addition to the business litigation work that we have regularly done – and continue to do – in more "mainstream" industries such as banking, insurance, health care, construction, real estate, securities, legal services and the like.

We have appeared as lead counsel in business and commercial litigation before numerous state and federal courts at both the trial and appellate levels, as well as before administrative agencies and in arbitration proceedings. Bazelon Less & Feldman has earned a reputation for taking on major cases in all areas of complex commercial litigation.

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