employment law

Our employment law practice includes litigation services as well as compliance counseling and employee relations.

In our employment litigation practice area, the Firm has represented employers and employees in matters arising out of all kinds of employment relationships, including claims involving employment discrimination, entitlement to, continuation of or changes in employment benefits, and enforcement of confidentiality, non-disparagement and non-compete agreements. The Firm has also worked with employers on Department of Labor audits, IRS audits addressing misclassification issues, and unemployment claims.

Our employment counseling and employee relations practice area includes auditing employee practices to insure compliance with state and federal regulations, advising, drafting, and analyzing a wide variety of employment-related documents and policies, including employment contracts and hiring letters, confidentiality and non-compete provisions, benefit and severance policies; as well as assisting employers in defining and updating employment policies and employee manuals; and negotiating employment and separation agreements, on behalf of employers and individual employees.

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