employment counseling and employee relations

The Department of Labor just showed up at my business. What do I do?

Do you have an employee handbook and when was the last time it was updated?

Your company is growing and you need to hire. Can I just hire independent contractors because hiring employees is too expensive?

How can I prevent my independent contractors from being deemed to be my employees? How can I prevent my licensees from being deemed to be franchisees?

What do I need to have an effective discrimination and harassment complaint policy? And once I receive a complaint, what do I do?

As an at-will employer, are there steps you should take before you can lay off an employee for cause? What if you are laying off the employee without cause?

Do I have to pay my hourly employees who check email or text at night?

My employee has a license to carry a gun and asked if they can carry it while working.

Can I terminate my employee for his/her social media posts?

Our attorneys regularly counsel employers and employees on matters like these, including the interpretation and application of employment laws to their individual situations. We have assisted numerous employers in addressing difficult employee issues. We have advised both employers and employees regarding the terms of employment agreements, severance agreements, and non-compete agreements and enforcement, and we have drafted custom employment-related agreements and employee manuals.

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Representative documents
and services:

Employment Audit

Employee/Independent Contractor Analysis

Offer letter

Employment agreement

Severance provisions

Bonus provisions

Confidentiality agreement

Non-compete agreement

Termination letter

Severance agreement

Independent contractor agreement

Review/update/prepare employee manual

New employee manual

Vacation/PTO policy

Benefits policy

Business Associate Agreement (HIPAA)

Consent to Disclosure of PHI (HIPAA)

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